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Jeśli potrzebny jest Państwu profesjonalnie działający mechanik samochodowy Gdynia jest miejscem, gdzie znajdziecie Państwo fachowca, który zaopiekuje się Państwa samochodem tak, by był one przez długi czas sprawnym i spełniał swoje funkcje. Zapraszamy na naszą stronę internetową, gdzie znajdziecie Państwo zaprezentowany zakres świadczonych przez nas usług w stacji kontroli pojazdów.

Bosch Car Service
Jutrzenki 105 , 02-231 Warszawa , mazowieckie
227 15 40 00
Hotel in Poznan

Great conditions to relax and prepare for another series of business meetings. Don Prestige Residence is a hotel in Poznan located in the city center. It is close to international fairs, old market square and other, most important locations of the city. Each of the 73 rooms is air conditioned and has access to free wi-fi and satellite TV.

Don Prestige Residence
Św. Marcin 2 , 61-803 Poznan , wielkopolskie
618 59 05 90

The best cameras, great experience and creativity are a great mixes when it comes to wedding photographer. Tomasz S. from Toronto offers his services in all the nearby location, including Richmond Hill and Markham. Check his portfolio and let him capture the day you become husband and wife - your looks and emotions.

Best Dream Photography
823A Bloor St W , ON M6G 1M1 Toronto ,
6 472 80 50 46

The art of creating confectionery masterpieces requires great love of detail. Every cake and dessert is a result of careful combination of ingredients which taste and look great. Barbara Luijckx is an expert in Belgian chocolate decorations, offering shavings, rolls, cigarellos, cones, cups and numerous others.

Barbara Luijckx sp. z o. o.
Latkowo 40 , 88-100 Inowrocław , kujawsko-pomorskie
523 58 07 00
Production opportunities in Poland

To develop their company and limit the costs of current operation, more and more entrepreneurs decide to get help from expert in the real estate markets. Cushman & Wakefield is one of the most experienced specialist, offering warehouses in Poland as well as great investment lands all over the country.

Cushman & Wakefield Poland Sp. z o.o.
Pl. Piłsudskiego 1 , 00-078 Warszawa , Mazowieckie
228 20 20 20
Walk-In wardrobes

Transform your private or business space with almost unlimited possibilities offered by Tegre's offer. The company can create for your walk-in wardrobes, which perfectly fit or stand out from the design of your space. At the same time, the sliding doors minimize the amount of space required for its installation.

ZPUE - Power system manufacturer

Invest in the most advanced and reliable energy distribution solutions from reliable manufacturer. ZPUE has prepared an electrical switchgear offering vast configuration options. Visit the website to choose from low and medium-voltage products, along with overhead lines accessories and container stations.

Jędrzejowska 79c , 29-100 Włoszczowa , świętokrzyskie
413 88 10 00
Oral Motor Tools - Pj Therapeutic

For everyone, young and old, struggling with various speech disorders and issues, PJ Therapeutic's online store has prepared a wide choice of solutions. Visit the website to find quality and effective oral motor tools manufactured be leading brands in the industry. The offer consists of straws, Z-Vibe kits and other products.

PJ Therapeutic
Chodkiewicza 5 , 43-600 Jaworzno , śląskie
797 17 19 89
Baby travel systems

Great, quality accessories designed for parents and their children. Baby travel systems, included in the offer of the online shop. are 3 in 1 systems. The pram lets you quickly move your kid from the pushchair to your car, without disturbing it in its sleep. They are offered in various colours and models to choose from.

Baby Accessories UK
Poznańska 82 , 76-200 Słupsk , pomorskie
889 32 09 05 - Wheel loader

Powerful engines, efficient work, comfort of the operator and other advantages! Dressta's wheel loaders are durable, reliable equipment, which can be used in the harshest, the most demanding conditions on construction sites and in other places. You can also get special features installed on your special request.

Specializing in industrial engineering and various technological installations, Niwa is able to manufacture for you the vessel your company needs. Pressure tanks, included in the company's offer, meet strict quality and safety standards, which means they can be used in the most demanding facilities and industrial environment.

Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo-Produkcyjno-Handlowe NIWA J.J. Niwa Spółka Jawna
Robotnicza 38 , 39-100 Ropczyce , podkarpackie
172 21 84 23
Rotary Drum Screen - Progress Eco

Employed by the most demanding industrial facilities to separate solid particles from diverse types of liquids. Each rotary drum screen from Progress Eco is a reliable piece of industrial equipment, which finds its place in diverse factories. Main characteristics: low energy consumption and self-cleaning capability.

Progress Eco
Dobrów 7 , 28-142 Tuczępy , Świętochrzyskie
158 64 62 70
Reception desks

Impressive practicality, solidity at its best and style based on the most contemporary, and the most elegant, trends in the office furniture industry. The reception desks designed and manufactured by MDD's specialists find their place in the most sophisticated business interiors not only in the USA.

Plastic bag supplier

Printed on both sides, manufactured from quality HDPE, LDPE or MDPE, they allow your customers to carry their products and promote your brand at the same time. Choose solutions designed and manufactured by a leading plastic bag supplier in Europe. There are several sizes, shapes to choose from or you can order an individual design.

Drużynowa 8 , 02-590 Warszawa , mazowieckie
225 41 70 00
Laboratory Weighing

Professional research facilities, pharmacies, universities and other places require the most precise instruments for laboratory weighing. Radwag is a designer and manufacturer of analytical balances, precision scales, microbalances and other equipment for the most demanding customers. See the full range of their equipment.

19599 NE 10th Ave. , 33179 North Miami Beach ,
13 056 51 35 22
Create phone case

You do not have to rely on manufacturers to create the housing for your smartphone you are going to enjoy. Become creative and create phone case with the use of your pictures, favourite work of art, graphic or motto you live your life by. Visit Telart's website and design it in three simple steps described there!

Brajan Paweł Derewońko
41 challis lane , CM7 1 AL BRAINTREE ,
999 99 99 99
Vinyl sheet piling

They are used to regulate rivers, secure river banks, protect roads and railways from, e.g. landslides, to minimise the infiltration of groundwater and more. Vinyl sheet piling has proven to be much more durable and reliable versions of retaining wall systems manufactured from steel or wood. Check its advantages.

S. i A. Pietrucha Sp. z o.o.
Szkolna 29 , 95-054 Ksawerów , łódzkie
422 12 84 84
Sliding door wardrobe

Wooden finish, with additional mirror or other decorative elements, the pieces of furniture have found their place in the apartments and hearts of UK buyers. Dako online shop has prepared a number of sliding door wardrobe versions to meet diverse requirements of the store's customers. Pick the one you enjoy the most!

Dako Furniture
Unit 2 Audley court , IP24 1HT Thetford , Norfolk
8 000 85 55 12 - Synthetic Floor

Advanced materials ensure the surface of a tennis, football, volleyball and other sport facility is safe, aesthetic and durable. Novol company employs the best achievements in the industry to manufacture a synthetic floor for every building and every need. It includes schools, laboratories, workshops, hospitals and many others.

Erosion control fabric

Invest in the most advanced and reliable solutions used by the best construction experts around the world. PIETRUCHA manufactures POLGRID - modern geogrids used during road, railway construction (and other projects) as and erosion control fabric. It effectively solidifies the ground making the whole structure more durable, reliable and resistant.

Przemysłowa 10 , 98-235 Błaszki , łódzkie
438 29 20 51
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